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Technology & Innovation

Solutions for a future beauty

We design projects and solutions for the people’s and the world’s lives.

BotiLabs | Innovation Labs

To transform from within, BotiLabs is a lab, which experiments technological solutions to keep our beauty technology active and the Boticário Group as the pioneer of cosmetic innovations.

GB Ventures | Startups Speedups

Our program of startups has the mission to reinvent the beauty industry. With solutions towards beautytech, retailtech and trendtech, we select startups to receive mentorship and structure to develop their products. Apart from the knowledge of our technical team, experimentation and prototyping labs and technology designs.


Develop | Training in full stack e front-end

Having the goal of decreasing the gaps of gender and race in Brazil, we came up with Desenvolve, a training program for people in need. In 2002, we will be opening 400 vacancies for the training of full stack, data and devops.

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GB’s Technology team has a medium dedicated the subject matters. Access and check out what is in debate.

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Research and Development

We have a R&D Center inside Boticário Group

Artificial Skin

We were the first Brazilian company to develop a 3D skin. A technology to be used in products and raw materials of Boticário Group and that allow us to stop animal testing – we have not done animal testing for 21 years.

Robotics, AI and Fragrances

We launched the world’s first fragrances made with artificial intelligence, in partnership with IBM. With global partnerships, we have found the perfect combination between the experts from Boticário Group and the machines’ cognition. The result was impressive and has proved that human sensibility made all the difference in the process.

Map of the Future

Through our map of the future, we have our acting territories, which challenge status quo and direct our innovation projects. From this point, our products are idealized and created and new consumption experiences are made in connection with trends already mapped by the Future of beauty.

In data, we believe

We put different links from the value chain in synergy, from the product in P&D to the technology in IT. Combining artifitial intelligence and big data, we capture and analyse information from a big data base, boosting customized innovations.

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Productive Universe

Clean energy

Our factories and distribution centers consume 100% of renewable energy. We have the commitment to estimulate our biggest suppliers to reduce up to 50% the use of non-renewable energy.


We are pioneers in using ecoalcohol in cosmetics in Brazil, and we moved a chain of partners so this inniciative would be possible.

Climate changing

We have the commitment by 2030, to neutralize our Greenhouse gas’ emissions, and bisides thar, we will encourage our net of partners and suppliers to join us in this journey.

Renewable raw materials

By 2030 we are going to use 100% of renewable materials or alternative resources of less impact. A product’s composition determines its environmental impact, for this reason we made this commitment. We want significant changes.

Low impact Logistics

Besides the modernization o four Distribution Centers, we are investing – together with our partners – so that alternative transportation of low impact become the main logistic model.

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