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When it comes to the protection of Brazilian nature, we are pioneers and have one of the main business foundations in Brazil

The Boticário Group Foundation for Nature Protection was created in 1990 – before Rio 92, which was a landmark for environmental conservation in the world. 

We understand that nature conservation goes beyond the protection of species and ecosystems, it is a way to generate social well-being and a strong economy. Nature is the basis for everything!

It is the sum of the efforts of different actors and the action on different fronts that will help us to overcome most of the current challenges. We believe it is essential to connect conservation actions with sustainable practices. After all, it is very important to save and reuse natural resources, but the first step is to look at the source of this resource and work to keep it available! 

Taking care of nature is a practice with many paths, including:



We are responsible for creating and maintaining two Nature Reserves that contribute to the protection of species from two important Brazilian biomes: the Cerrado (Natural Reserve Serra do Tombador, in Goiás) and the Atlantic Forest (Natural Reserve Salto Morato, in Paraná).

By operating in these areas, we have directly preserved the equivalent of 70 Parks in Ibirapuera (SP). In addition to protecting nature, in our reserves we encourage scientific research, promote tourism and contribute to the social and economic development of the surrounding communities.



It is the Foundation’s oldest activity – we have been doing this since 1991. Scientific knowledge is an important ally of nature conservation, especially when it generates opportunities by subsidizing public policies and practices to protect endangered species and ecosystems.

Over 31 years, we have supported 1.622 initiatives and had the privilege of identifying 177 previously unknown species. Of these, seven were named in honor of Boticário:

  • Passiflora boticarioana Cervi;
  • Aphyolebias boticarioi;
  • Brachycephalus boticario;
  • Megaelosia boticariana; 
  • Listrura boticario;
  • Gymnanthes boticario; 
  • Ituglanis boticario.



Who loves, cares! And the first step in taking care of nature is to understand what it means, where it is present, how it is related to our daily lives.

For this reason, we developed the Meu Ambiente Collection – consisting of paradidactic books aimed at elementary school students and teachers so that nature is approached in the classroom as a cross-cutting, interdisciplinary theme. Our material reached 194.000 students and 9,000 teachers in the printed version. In addition, it already has more than 200.000 downloads in the online version.