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Commitments for the Future

The regenerative ethics lead us the way.


In the beginning of this decade, the Boticário Group made 16 commitments to be delivered by 2030: they approach affirmative actions in human, enviromental and productive process dimensions.

Today, thinking of the future, we understand our responsibility as agents for change. That’s why the commitments show our way in the construction of a #BeautyForTheFuture.

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The commitments come from our purpose to create opportunities for beauty to change each person’s life, and in this way, to change the world around us.

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16 commitments


To map and solve 150% of all solid by-product created by our chain.


Reduzir a desigualdade social de 1 milhão de bDecrease social inequality of 1 million Brazilians, changing the reality of the by-product management in Brazil.

#03, #04, #05 e #06

These commitments speak about neutralizing the environmental impact focusing on themes such as water, greenhouse gas and energy, making sure that we only leave positive impact in the environment.

#07 e #08

These commitments speak about the Conservation of Biodiversity and our role to intensify the work we have been doing for decades with the Boticário Group Foundation and about actions that will define the present and the future of mankind.

#09 e #10

These commitments speak about the transparent beauty and the focus in developing safe products for our consumers, for the environment and all value chain Apart from sharing necessary information with the consumer for the colaborations in the impact reduction on the by-products dircard.

#11, #12, #13, #14, #15 e #16

These commitmnets speak about the Diversity and Inclusion of minority groups, focusing in products development and diverse communication, diversity in our internal groups, incentive to affirmative purchase and quality of life of our resellers.

To read the detail, status and execution of each commitment:

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