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Boticário Group

We are one of the 15 biggest beauty companies in the world and the 6th most sustainable.

We share our passion to make our legacy collective.

The brands from

Grupo Boticário

Brazilian’s most beloved beauty brand.
Fonte: Kantar World Pannel.

An innovative and sophisticated portfolio to enhance your unique glow.

Logo Quem Disse, Berenice?

An accessible and complete portfolio to stimulate the freedom to create the beauty you want to.

Logo Vult - com borboleta em tons de marrom

Accessible products with top-notch technology for a beauty that transforms the lives of all people.

Logo Beleza na Web

Latin America’s greatest beauty platform, with also the best experience.

Our finthech offers products and digital services which impulse our partner’s success

Logo OUI

The high-end fragrance brand created in France, came to inspire freedom in our lives.

Logo Fundação Grupo Boticário

An NGO that understands that to guarantee the life of all beings, nature’s balance is paramount.

Logo Instituto Grupo Boticário

The social entrepreneurship uses beauty as a tool to change the reality of millions of people.

The company offers accessible technologies to improve the efficiency and management of Brazilian retail companies.

Company focused on digital solutions that makes the intersection of business strategies with technology.


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Environmental, Social & Governance


Mulher negra na frente de um fundo azul. Ela tem o cabelo afro e veste regata preta. Esta segurando um buquê de flores colorido.


Our commitments with the regeneration and balance of the planet.

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Complete value chain

Imagem com três mulheres sorrindo e olhando para cima. Da esquerda para direita temos uma mulher branca vestindo camiseta azul, ao lado dela temos uma mulher negra careca, ela usa uma camisa florida. Ao lado direito temos uma mulher negra com trancas cor caramelo, ela veste uma camiseta regata rosa

Complete value chain

From industry to the palm of your hand, we have a net of amazing people and partners. Because we are going far, but we are never alone.

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Our platform about ingredients and the development process of the products: transparency with you.

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Boticário Group Foundation

Nome científico: Ara macao (Linnaeus, 1758)Nome em Português: Arara-canga - Arara-boliviana - Arara-macau - Arara-piranga - Arara-vermelha - Arara-vermelha-pequena - MacauNome em Inglês: Scarlet MacawNome em Espanhol: Guacamayo Escarlata

Boticário Group Foundation

With more than 30 years, our Foundantion acts in the name of nature and supports the conservation Science.


Boticário Group Institute

Imagem de mulher negra pintando quadro. Atrás dela tem um quadro de paisagem, ela está com um pincel e uma tela na mão

Boticário Group Institute

Our focus is the development of people and society. And the path we have chosen for this transformation is the social entrepreneurship.

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See the beauty happening with our Boticário Group.

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We are many realities inside one Group: vacancies in business, marketing & communication, operations, research & development, technology and much more.