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Together they move our purpose

We want to be the best beauty ecosystem in the world. What are we doing to get there?

– We own 9 brands that complement themselves in portfolio and purpose.

– We control the whole chain of production, from ingredients, through industry, labs, technology, stores, retail and e-commerce.

– We are the 6ª most sustainable company on the planet. However, this is not enough, we want more.

– We made 15 social and environmental sustainability commitments until 2030.

– We rely on employees, suppliers, consumers, resellers and millions of incredible people with us.

Logo O Boticário

Since 1977, our products have touched people’s hearts. We are committed to your beauty and that of the planet and we invest in innovation to make our products increasingly sustainable. The most loved and preferred beauty brand among Brazilians* has 4,000 physical stores in 1750 Brazilian cities and is present in more than 15 countries. (*Kantar LinQ).

We arrived in the world in 2011 to shine, inspired by the women who are protagonists of their own lives. Since then, we have evolved a lot and won the preference of millions of consumers with a portfolio that includes products in the categories of makeup, perfumery, hair, body, bath, facial, accessories, baby and children’s.

Logo Quem Disse, Berenice?

Complete and accessible portfolio to encourage the freedom to create the beauty you want. What did you say, Bernice? It was launched in 2012 and soon won over the public with its proposal to democratize makeup, breaking concepts and standards. The brand has a complete portfolio of makeup, skincare, perfumery and accessories.

Logo Beautybox

We will empower you with self-esteem and intelligent information. We believe that beauty is the main tool to make that connection. Women who want to feel surprised, understood and updated. We give you access to the best brands and trends in the world so you can feel inside the international beauty scene.

Logo Vult - com borboleta em tons de marrom

Brazilian brand, it arrived to encourage change and transformation as a true source of beauty and personal fulfillment. Democratic, empowering and versatile, Vult brings a complete portfolio of incredible products, which includes items such as foundation, nail polish, lipstick, blush, eyeshadows and much more.

Logo Beleza na Web

Largest beauty platform in all of Latin America that connects beauty freaks, brands, opinion makers and the best beauty professionals!

Logo OUI

Original, unique and individual this is the essence of O.U.i. It is the brand of French high perfumery in Brazil. We praise the carefree lifestyle of the French and believe in the power of individual rituals. Our goal is to awaken in people the joy of living that accompanies a light and inspiring daily life.

A fintech that offers digital products and services that drive the profitability and financial outlook of franchisees, resellers, suppliers and partners. The meaning of the name Mooz translates the close and trusting relationship we have with our customers.

Logo Instituto Grupo Boticário

To strengthen our commitment to the development of Brazil and Brazilians, we work with social entrepreneurship to leverage transformations through beauty.

Logo Fundação Grupo Boticário

Non-profit organization, maintains conserved natural areas, encourages science and seeks innovative solutions for nature and all its species. Founded in 1990, Fundação Grupo Boticário is one of the largest business foundations in Brazil.

Retail is one of our passions. Casa Magalhães is a Group company that offers accessible technologies to improve the efficiency and management of Brazilian retail companies. Solutions for customer service, results monitoring, inventory management and all aspects vital for the smooth running of retail operations.


How to think about business without thinking about technology? GAVB is the Grupo Boticário company focused on digital solutions that intersect business strategies with technology, artificial intelligence, data & analytics, RPA, Cloud, DevSecOps, BI, loT, Blockchain, Microservices, CRM, Business Design.

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beauty that moves 16 countries

Taking the B in Beauty and Brazil with the Boticário Group throughout the world.



Our first country in the African continent: a huge honor for us.
O Boticário’s stores won over their place and continue to expand.


In 2019, we proudly arrived in our founder’s home country, Miguel Krisgner (who came to Brazil at the age 11).

We have our own stores and we have already conquered an incredible number of people who resell our products in the country.


Brazilians most beloved beauty brand*.

Here, we were born and found the inspiration to the beauty that takes over Brazil and the world.

*Fonte: Kantar World Pannel.


We have been in this wonderful country since 2014, with stores, direct sale and e-commerce. Our biggest success are the hair products, make-up and fragrances.

A fun fact: our body splashes are the biggest sale. Colombian women wear on average, one a month.

Costa Rica

Since 2016, we are expanding beauty in this heavenly island. In Central America.

Our performance there is by selling in department stores our O Boticário products.


We have arrived in 2018 with two stores in the biggest shopping mall in the world, the Dubai Mall. Besides, we own other shops, e-commerce and marketplaces, such as Amazon.

Fun fact: the sophisticated fragrances Alchemists and Malbec Signature had their pre-launch in the Emirates, and only later in Brazil.


It is over 25 years with our O Boticário brand, growing and winning over more people in Japan.

Our performance in the country is through direct sale and departament stores.


We have arrived in 2014 and we were the first store specialized in cosmetic in this African country. We also were the first cosmetic brand to sponsor the Mozambique Fashion Week. Our performance in the country is through direct sale and department stores.


We have arrived in 2019 with our NativaSPA line, focusing completely on sustainability. We are taking the Brazilian beauty and future to this country.


We are in this country since 2017, with our O Boticário shops and also present in department stores. However, the biggest sales come from the significant number of resellers that we have in this country.


We are stablished in Portugal for 35 years, with retail, direct sale and e-commerce. Today, Boti is the greatest beauty franchise in the country; it was the winner of the 5 Stars Prize four years in a row, in the Catalog Sales category and elected the best store in Portugal, by Grande Consumo.

Saudi Arabia

We are coming in 2022 with stores and e-commerce from O Boticário brand in this amazing Asian country. Stand by for news.


Our performance in the USA comes mostly through our e-commerce and from major digital marketplaces – like Amazon and Verishop.

Fun fact: our e-commerce focused in NativaSPA has just got launched, full of selfcare tips and a strong sustainability concept.


O Boticário is in Venezuela for over two decades, with more than 10 sales spots, with stores and e-commerce. As well as being present in over 100 sales spots in drugstores.