Imagem de escultura de cimento da ânfora de O boticário no meio de flores de jardim

Grupo Boticário

Real beauty is to grow together!

From a small compounding pharmacy to the biggest cosmetic franchise on the planet.

We create

  • opportunities
  • for beauty
  • to change lives

We are a seven-brand group, which are present in 16 countries, with e-commerce and millions of resellers. Besides the exclusive distribution of products known worldwide.

We possess our own beauty ecosystem, from the industry to the point of sale, from logistic to retail, from the lab to the point of sale and from our innovations to your hand.

We were elected, four years in a row, the most beloved cosmetic brand by Brazilians* and we are the seventh most sustainable company on the planet**. In addition, this expansion is only possible for we cultivate responsible success.

We were born in Curitiba, 44 years ago, from our founder’s dream. Miguel Krisgner is Bolivian and at the age of 11, he came to Brazil to stay. His dream began by opening a small compounding pharmacy, where he discovered the cosmetic alchemy and human relations would forever drive his life.

What first was a pharmacy, soon became the beloved O Boticário brand, which later conceived 6 other brands, a Foundation, an Institute and the the best beauty ecosystem in the world: The Boticário Group. Still today, the love, care and the human relations are our compass. We create beauty opportunities to change lives and the world around us.

We are just getting started; let’s go together in this expansion of beauty?

Source: *Kantar World Pannel. LinkQ Online.  | **DowJones Sustainability Index. Nov 2021




on the market

more than


consumer branding



physical stores

present in 16 countries

we are a complete ecosystem of beauty

From industry
to point of sale

From logistics
to retail

From labs
to omnichannel

From our ideas
to the palm of your hand.

Responsible success

Our purpose is to create opportunities, so that beauty can change each person’s life and the world around us.

So we could be the 7ª most sustainable company in the world*, we were and continued to be driven by care, love and action.

We are restless and always moving so that people live the future of beauty together with us.

*Dow Jone Sustainability Index – DJSI), published by Standard & Poors, 2021

our path

A past that brings the essence of important attitudes to the present and great dreams to the future

Imagem ícone batedeira e Logo O Boticário


Foundation Boticário Group

The beginning of it all. Miguel Krigsner stablishes a little compounding pharmacy in Curitiba.


O Boticário

Internationalization of the business: First store in Portugal

Logo Fundação Grupo Boticário


Instituto Grupo Boticário

Environmental Protection and support of the scientific research: 1% of Boticário Group net income is designated to Private Social Investiment Policy.

Logo Instituto Grupo Boticário


Instituto Grupo Boticário

Social development with cultural opportunities, sportive, social, entrepreneurship and volunteers collectively.



“Fell your unique glow”

Logo Quem Disse, Berenice?


quem disse, berenice?

“Freedom to create the beauty you want.”

Logo Beautybox



“The brand for the Brazilian woman to feel in the center of the world”.

Logo Multi B



Exclusive distribution in Brazil of international brands, such as Australian Gold and Revlon

Logo Vult



“Changing through beauty”.


Beleza na Web

The biggest beauty platform in Latin America

Logo Casa Magalhães


Casa Magalhães

The company offers accessible technologies to improve the efficiency and management of Brazilian retail companies.




Company focused on digital solutions that makes the intersection of business strategies with technology.

Logo Equilibrium



Logistics 2.0 solutions through an orchestration platform that connects companies with carriers.

our leaderships

Imagem do Doutor Miguel

Miguel Krigsner


From a little compounding pharmacy in 1977, in Curitiba to a Group present in 16 countries. Our founder is still leading, dreaming and following closely each step of our Boticário Group’s journey.

imagem do Artur sorrindo

Artur Grynbaum

Artur Gymbaum was a protagonist on the Boticário Group. Today, he is the vice-president of the GB Administrative Council. He started in the company in 1986and made his way to the presidency in 2008, replacing the founder, Miguel Krigner.


Imagem do Fernando Modé

Fernando Modé


Current CEO of the Boticário Group, he started in the organization in 1999, in Legal. Modé in graduated in Law Shool, in USP, and has a Masters in Economic and Social Law by PUC-PR, apart from being specialist in Tributary Law, by the Centro de Extensão Universitária – CEU.

Imagem da Alessandra Mattos

Alessandra Mattos Sekeff


After her path ahead of products and distribuition channels in the food and drinks industry, she assumes the VP de B2B on Boticário Group. Shes is responsible for the planning and Go-To-Market from the B2B Channel, Direct Channel, Indirect Channel and Trade Channel.

Imagem do Alexandre Bouza

VP Consumer
Alexandre Bouza


Business Executive, he leads the Strategy and Marketing teams and RGMRevenue Growth Management. Brand experience, Category/Frangance, Gifts, Make, Hair, Body, Growth Categories) and Brands (Branding and Communication).


VP of People
Graziella Di Battista D'Enfeldt


Grazi joined Grupo Boticário in 2013 and during this trajectory, always with a human and people-oriented vision. In 2022, he assumes the position of VP of People, leading important Human Resources movements.


Imagem do Sergio Sampaio

VP Operations
Sergio Sampaio


Executive of solid experience, the leads the VP of Operations and the Logistics, Supply Chain, Supplies, Industrial, Research and Development, Quality, Patrimonial Security, Workplace Safety and Facilities.

Imagem do Daniel Knopfholz

VP Technology
Daniel Knopfholtz


He started in the company as an internal communication trainee and today the the VP in Technology, responsible for Digital Products, Planning and Structural Products, Information Security, Infrastructure, Customer Srvice, Solutions Center, Data Engineering and Data Science.

VP Legal, Compliance, ESG and Institutional Affairs
Fabiana de Freitas


Fabi has been with the Group for 16 years. He made a career in the legal field and played an important role in the evolution of the Corporate Governance model. Today he is the VP responsible for Legal, Compliance, ESG and Institutional Affairs and the structure of Fundação Grupo Boticário.


Imagem do Marcelo Azevedo

VP Strategy and Finances
Marcelo Azevedo


Responsible for the Strategic Planning, Financial Planning and Control, Credit and Billing, Treasury, Tributary and Maaz.


Imagem do Eduardo Javarotto

VP Retail and International
Eduardo Javarotto


Java is responsible for Retail and for the International Front. He started in the Boticário Group in 2012 and in this journey he played a part with retail and also direct sales.

Imagem do José Luiz Ronchetti

José Luiz Ronchetti


Zeca is responsible for B2C Channels. He got into the Boticário Group in 20216 and in his journey, he worked as a Business Controller and was the Director of Channels, Demanding and Marketing Planning.

Beauty that moves 16 countries

Taking the B in Beauty and Brazil with the Boticário Group throughout the world.



Our first country in the African continent: a huge honor for us.
O Boticário’s stores won over their place and continue to expand.


In 2019, we proudly arrived in our founder’s home country, Miguel Krisgner (who came to Brazil at the age 11).

We have our own stores and we have already conquered an incredible number of people who resell our products in the country.


Brazilians most beloved beauty brand*.

Here, we were born and found the inspiration to the beauty that takes over Brazil and the world.

*Fonte: Kantar World Pannel.


We have been in this wonderful country since 2014, with stores, direct sale and e-commerce. Our biggest success are the hair products, make-up and fragrances.

A fun fact: our body splashes are the biggest sale. Colombian women wear on average, one a month.

Costa Rica

Since 2016, we are expanding beauty in this heavenly island. In Central America.

Our performance there is by selling in department stores our O Boticário products.


We have arrived in 2018 with two stores in the biggest shopping mall in the world, the Dubai Mall. Besides, we own other shops, e-commerce and marketplaces, such as Amazon.

Fun fact: the sophisticated fragrances Alchemists and Malbec Signature had their pre-launch in the Emirates, and only later in Brazil.


It is over 25 years with our O Boticário brand, growing and winning over more people in Japan.

Our performance in the country is through direct sale and departament stores.


We have arrived in 2014 and we were the first store specialized in cosmetic in this African country. We also were the first cosmetic brand to sponsor the Mozambique Fashion Week. Our performance in the country is through direct sale and department stores.


We have arrived in 2019 with our NativaSPA line, focusing completely on sustainability. We are taking the Brazilian beauty and future to this country.


We are in this country since 2017, with our O Boticário shops and also present in department stores. However, the biggest sales come from the significant number of resellers that we have in this country.


We are stablished in Portugal for 35 years, with retail, direct sale and e-commerce. Today, Boti is the greatest beauty franchise in the country; it was the winner of the 5 Stars Prize four years in a row, in the Catalog Sales category and elected the best store in Portugal, by Grande Consumo.

Saudi Arabia

We are coming in 2022 with stores and e-commerce from O Boticário brand in this amazing Asian country. Stand by for news.


Our performance in the USA comes mostly through our e-commerce and from major digital marketplaces – like Amazon and Verishop.

Fun fact: our e-commerce focused in NativaSPA has just got launched, full of selfcare tips and a strong sustainability concept.


O Boticário is in Venezuela for over two decades, with more than 10 sales spots, with stores and e-commerce. As well as being present in over 100 sales spots in drugstores.

The brands from
Grupo Boticário

We create opportunities so that beauty can change each person’s lives and, in this way, change the world around us!

Brazilian’s most beloved beauty brand.
Fonte: Kantar World Pannel.

An innovative and sophisticated portfolio to enhance your unique glow.

Logo Quem Disse, Berenice?

An accessible and complete portfolio to stimulate the freedom to create the beauty you want to.

Logo Vult

Accessible products with top-notch technology for a beauty that transforms the lives of all people.


Logo Beautybox

National and international innovations to place Brazilian women in the center of the world.

Latin America’s greatest beauty platform, with also the best experience.

Logo Multi B

With their own procucts and licensed brands, we multiply the access to beauty products.

Logo Mooz

Our finthech offers products and digital services which impulse our partner’s success

Logo OUI

The high-end fragrance brand created in France, came to inspire freedom in our lives.

Logo Fundação Grupo Boticário

An NGO that understands that to guarantee the life of all beings, nature’s balance is paramount.

Logo Instituto Grupo Boticário

The social entrepreneurship uses beauty as a tool to change the reality of millions of people.

Logo Casa Magalhães

The company offers accessible technologies to improve the efficiency and management of Brazilian retail companies.


Company focused on digital solutions that makes the intersection of business strategies with technology.

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