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Our Essences and Our Purpose

Our history, as Boticário Group, has always been guided by changes and, mainly, by the needs of our consumer. Our way of shopping, working and living changes and evolves all the time. What remains are the pillars in which we have always believed: our purpose and our essences, in other words: Our Way of Being and Doing.

Our purpose is to

Criar oportuncreate opportunity for beauty to transform each one’s life and thus transform the world around us

Our Essences are the guides that guide us:


The brightness of our eyes reflects in the eyes of our consumers. Glow in the eye is easy to recognize. It is the will to make a difference. It’s waking up every day wanting to do the best for the consumer and the business. It’s looking for innovative ways to anticipate desires and create solutions for consumers’ needs. It is to face all challenges as unique opportunities to make consumers’ eyes shine.


• All actions must begin with the question: “ which problem will we solve for our customers?”

• To find pleasure in being out on the streets to get to know our customers and their needs.


• To lose sight of our goals, our processes, our partners and our entire network.

• To make decisions disregarding the impact on our customers.


We are dissatisfied with everything that can improve. We want to be at the forefront of beauty. Being restless is sometimes giving the status quo a good shake. It’s asking yourself: “Okay, it’s like this, but does it always have to be like this?”. It is knowing that, at Boticário Group, there are many projects in search of protagonists and that one of them could be yours. It’s about enjoying innovation, new experiences, discovering new ways to always do better.


• To encourage questions from all levels of the organization.

• To change what may generate value for our customers.

• To questioning ideas, rather than people.

• To invest time in understanding reasons that may lead to good questions.

• To celebrate and acknowledge achievements, as an invitation to new challenges.


• Change for change; questioning for questioning.

• To give up on quality and safety.

• To reproach troubling ideas.


Being cordial on a daily basis with our colleagues, partners and consumers is the subtle strength we have for building the long term. Nurturing relationships is what unites us and what makes us stronger every day. It’s treating each of us with respect and transparency. Talk when you need to talk. It is the most open and frank conversations that bring the best results. That make us grow as professionals and as people. We nurture good relationships because it is through connections that we build the best working environment and an increasingly stronger company.


• To be kind while focusing on results.

• To dedicate time to nurture relationships.

• To provide accurate and timely feedback.

• To encourage diversity and uniqueness.

• To have difficult conversations for the sake of people and the business.

• To value ideas rather than positions.


• To be arrogant or submissive.

• To agree with everything.

• To involve everyone, every time.

• To avoid taking up a position that could cause trouble.

• To use hierarchy as a decision-making argument.

• To ‘kill’ the messenger.


Decide and execute missions with agility, through the exercise of autonomy, trust and collaboration. Have you ever stopped to think about how to be agile in everyday life? Always be ready to make mistakes fast and learn fast. Don’t start alone, create groups, discuss responsibilities and goals and trust: different stories complement each other and get further, faster. It doesn’t mean being in a hurry, but precision and confidence. So, are you agile?


• To try, make mistakes and learn fast.

• To get together to co-create (rather than to communicate), making the problem clear.

• To empower with responsibilities right from the start.

• To commit, even if you disagree.


• To abstain from discussions.

• To use speed as an excuse to perform poorly.

• To extend unnecessary discussions.

• To solve before understanding the root cause.

• To reopen a discussion before the experimentation cycle.


We are responsible for the impact of our attitudes on the company’s results and on society. Responsible success is when success is for everyone: company, employees, partners and consumers. It’s knowing that you can be a big group with big brands without forgetting the details that make up the whole. It is investing considering each one of us and the society in which we live.


• To look at our results from 4 approaches: corporate, employees, partners and customers.

• To go for win-win negotiations.

• To take care of the company’s money as if it was mine.

• To consider environmental and social sustainability in my decisions.

• To refuse any kind of prejudice.


• To achieve results at any cost.

• To put personal interests at first place.

• Win-win is not an argument for bad negotiations.

• The long-term approach cannot compromise our sense of urgency.