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Transparent Beauty

Ethics and esthetics walk together

Tranparant beauty is about clarity related to what becomes part of your beauty routine. It’s to bring transparency about all aspects of research, development and production of our products.

transparent beauty in

3 pillars

Safety: Have you heard abou 3D skin or Organs on chip? They are our labs’ inniciatives that simulate human organs for cosmetic tests. All of this developed here in Boticário Group – pioneer inBrazil – driven by the focus on safety.

Innovation: Check out cases, ideation process, co-criation, crowdsourcing and other innovation fronts. And check out our inniciatives which you can participate as a scientist.

Sustainability: Ecodesign, sustainable materials, vegan products, organic products, safety for riffs, formula with less impact on the water, plastic free glitter, EcoAlcool and renewable energy and much more.

Do you know what is inside the cosmetic you apply every day? These products’ formulas can have a natural, vegetal, mineral, biotechnological, sinthetic or animal origin and each one has a function inside the formula.
We think it is important for you to know everything and has the clarity to make your choices!