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Affinity Groups

We have 5 affinity groups: Racial Equality, Gender Equality, PCDs, Generations and LGBTQIA+. All of these groups are composed of volunteer employees, that encourages changing and mobilization inside theses topics and outside the Boticário Group.

Over 1.300 employees composse our Affinity Groups

Our three main goals are:

Democratize the conversation about Diversity and Inclusion in all business.

Estimulate and accelerate advancements in and out of Grupo Boticário

check out our five

Affinity Groups

Lado a Lado

Group for the promotion of gender equality, they have actions such as #MulheresInquietas and Rodas de Masculinidade

Além da Pele

Group for the racial equality, focusing on the black population.  They have actions like #Entrevistaço and conversations from #PapoReto


Group focusing on the LGBTQIA+ community, they contribute with campaigns free from sterotypes.


Group responsible for the inclusion of different generations, they have an important role on research and development of products for people over 50.

Inclusão na Real

Group to value people with disabilities they have been encouraging that accessibility be a cross-cutting theme in all the decisions of the company

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“Our goal as GB is to acquire knowledge and increase the conversation about racial subjects inside the Group and in addition, to promote actions that allow our communication, our products, our attraction policies and our talent managerment to represent the brazilian population as it is: completely diverse. Our job has been fruitful, creating “Papo Reto”, to raise awareness all year round, “Entrevistaço”, directed to black people, consulting for development of products and much more. It’s amazing to be part of this journey.”

Gleice Mariano, Além da Pele Supply Chain International Analyst.

“The work at Lado a Lado gave my perspective about the connection between personal purpose and professional dedication another meaning. In this GA, I am able to participate of changings that I have always wanted to see in the places I have worked. The best part is to do that in a company that wants to make the same changes I wish for society. After all, the fight for gender equality is part of me. Being able to bring this to GB, without fear or restrictions, make me 100% focused in everything I do here.”

Amanda Nasario, Product Owner – Lado a Lado Campaign Squad

“My journey here is about learning, gratitude and passion for what I do. Besides working at the Atração de Talentos group, I am also part of Inclusão na Real. In fact, I have a disability in my lower limbs. Here, I use my experience to contribute in the creation of a Boticário Group more and more diverse and inclusive. Together, we think of practical and effective actions for our employees with disabilities – and for the candidates with disabilities that would like to create beauty with us.”

Rafael Uziel, Recruiting, Supervising and Selection Inclusão na Real.

“I am very glad when I notice that a company cares, truly, with people from different generations. One of those companies is the Boticário Group, which I am proudly a member. When I was invited to be part of GoNext, I accepted immediately, because I am sure we have always to strengthen the importance of living together and to exchange experiences between generations, to improve business and make the vision projected by them greater.
Me, with 46 years old, I’m responsible for the Dona Benta Project, that seeks solutions to develop products to satisfy the needs of mature beauty with accessibility in packaging and labelling”

Patrícia Hojda Szuchman, Pele, Solar and Infantil Researcher

“The “Orgulho GB” is not just a LGBTQIA+ affinity group. It is also a place for shelter, exchange and transformation, for a more colorful, diverse and representative present and future. Our allies and agents look at topics such as education, health and well-being, career, communication, culture, politics and society, giving support to all GB teams, so together we have more equality, respect and success in our relations.”

Thiago Ghougassian, Branding Specialist Orgulho GB