Research. Innovation. Technology!


For product testing?
Research. Innovation. Technology!

We don't test on animals.
We develop alternative methods.

Such attitudes lead us to be the first cosmetics company in Brazil to develop 3D skin technology.
Recently, we also adopted the use of technology, which simulates a human organ for testing our products.
From the use of raw material to packaging development, sustainability is present throughout the process.
We understand that responsibility needs to be shared.

During manufacturing
and distribution, eco-efficiency!

Alternative energy and the reduction
of water consumption are daily practices.

As an example, new technology used in the production of moisturizing creams and lotions guaranteed a 71% reduction in the manufacturing time of products, 70% in electricity consumption, 15% in processing costs and 10% in raw material costs.


We built the most sustainable cosmetics factory in in Camaçari, in the state of Bahia, Northeast of Brazil.

We are also the first Distribution Center in the North/Northeast of Brazil to receive international Leed certification.

Points of sale are places
for a positive attitude.

There are 4,000 points of sale, 100% of which have sustainable practices.

quem disse, berenice? is the first store in with the highest level of LEED certification in Brazil. Another example is The Beauty Box, which has 80% of store flooring made of recycled material. And, sustainability also goes home with consumers: the O Boticário bags and gift boxes have been reformulated. The new format uses less material, generating 20% reduction of environmental impact on bags and 14% on boxes. At Eudora, initiatives that foster entrepreneurship among retailers have reached 17 Brazilian states.

Atitudes Sustentáveis - Descarte

Empty packages generate jobs and income

Post-consumption Recycling and partnership with cooperatives

Our packaging recycling program is present in 100% of our stores. There are 4,000 points of sale in 1.750 cities, generating a volume of waste that benefits 21 cooperatives and more than 900 recyclers.

Valuing people and relationships

We believe beauty can change the world around us in countless ways. This is why we place an extra emphasis on empowering women, gender equality and diversity. Today women make up 50% of our vice presidents and 49% of our leadership positions.

Atitudes Sustentáveis - Valorização