For us, entrepreneurs are pragmatic dreamers. They turn challenges into opportunities for self-development and business growth.

At the Boticário Group, employees grow and help the business grow, with career opportunities that include manufacturing, research, logistics, marketing, retail... the sky is the limit! Here, perceptions, knowledge and professional experience blend together to achieve great results. Our employees are optimistic, inquisitive and independent and are prepared to develop and manage their own careers. If you are interested in creating beauty with us, send us your resumé here.

Caring for people is part of the experience
of working here:

Benefícios que valorizam pessoas 
Benefits that
value people
Desafios para se desenvolver 
Challenges to
develop yourself
Equilíbrio com estilo de vida 

We are interested in business, in people in financial results and in the mark we leave in the world.

.We work towards the goal of creating opportunities for beauty to change people's lives and to transform the world around us.

And we do this by putting
our values into practice:

We are ethical

We value people and relationships

Passion for evolution
and challenges

to results

Sense of ownership

We're a company for innovators who want to see their ideas, projects and processes
implemented in record time. The expression "sense of ownership" is part of
the collective vocabulary in the Group.

Presence that inspires

Our founder, Miguel Krigsner, is president of the Board. His brother-in-law,
Artur Grynbaum, is the current president of the Boticário Group. Both are active
in the business, bringing a richness of experience, inspiration, integrity, and affection,
which has become the trademark of the Boticário Group culture. At the same time, executives have
ample autonomy to make decisions. 


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If you can see yourself working here,
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