​Get to know the Boticário Group. At the Boticário Group, you can work in all phases of a beauty product, from design to the point of sales. We offer opportunities to work in labs, research, factories, logistics, marketing, and retail. 


We multiply beauty by four with our consumer brands: 
O Boticário
quem disse, berenice?
The beaulty box
We produce 300 million products every year.
That means more than one item per each member of
the Brazilian population.


The Boticário Group brands and stores can be found throughout Brazil.
We have close to 4,000 points of sale, in 1,750 cities. This makes us the largest beauty franchise in the world. We also offer our products via e-commerce, through direct sales and in partnership with other major retailers. We are also present in 8 countries. 
Mapa do Brasil


Our first factory is located in the South of Brazil, a small town called São José dos Pinhais. At this same location, there is also a Research and Development Center with the latest technology. Two distribution centers deliver our beauty all over Brazil. Our other factory, located in the Northeast of the country, has been named the most sustainable beauty factory in Brazil. We also have offices in the cities of São Paulo, Curitiba, Bogotá and Lisbon.  

This is how the beauty we create comes to you.



We have grown a lot and many people have grown with us. And, you know what else? It all started with a small pharmacy in 1977.

Today, we share the values of the past, the objectives of the present and the dreams of the future with 7,000 employees. Here, we create opportunities for beauty to change one's life and thereby change the world around us.